Choosing the Right Wine

Choosing the Right Wine for a Fine Romantic Evening Out or At Home

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Is there anything better than a fine Merlot, perfect Pinot, or beautiful Bordeaux?  Probably. But choosing the right wine for the perfect occasion is definitely up there.

It’s no coincidence that so many cities and nations heralded for their romance are likewise famous for their wine.

From the famed Bordeaux region of France to internationally-acclaimed Napa Valley near San Francisco, love and a love of wine are as intertwined as the fine vines of an open air vineyard in the Tuscan countryside.

Look at some of the greatest artists and works of Western art.

Verdi’s La Traviata?

One of the most widely-performed operas by one of the most world-renowned and commonly performed composers in the standard Classical and Operatic repertoire, and what is one of its key plot points and memorable arias?  Its ‘Brindisi,’or ‘Drinking Song,’a lush ode to wine and romance, performed by world-renowned soloists Rolando Villazon, Anna Netrebko, and the immortal Placido Domingo.

Or look to the world of painting, and you see such works as Renoir’s ‘Dance at le Moulin de la Galette,’a gorgeous café painting that prominently features—you guessed it—men, women, and wine.

Or look to some of the greatest authors in English literature.


He features everything from Italian wines to, most famously, ‘sack'(the Elizabethan term for Spain and Portugal-based sherry) for his raucous character Falstaff.

Jane Austen?

‘It is a truth universally acknowledged ‘that an Austen novel, when it comes time to feature a romantic Regency-style ball, ‘must be in want ‘of champagne and other delicate white wines.

D.H. Lawrence?

His monumental novel, Women in Love, showcases a long trip across the Europe, from England to Germany to Switzerland and back again—and once more, you can be sure the wine is flowing.

No matter where you look, when it comes to the West, love and wine are partners in that never ending Dance of Romance.

So, if you are looking to attract your own partner in life, or already have already found that special someone and want to treat him or her to a night beneath the stars they will never forget, making sure you have the right bottle of bubbly or a fine merlot can make a world of difference.

Love compatibility and choosing the right wine are both famously difficult arts unto themselves—so, needless to say, finding a winning combination between the two feel like trying to adapt Pride and Prejudice into an Italian opera with Impressionist French paintings as the backdrop.

But don’t despair—it can be done!

So, how can you choose the right wine that is far from odious and will have your partner singing your praises?

Let us take a look a few essential tips