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Top 5 Basic Principles on Child Rearing

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#4: Improving Memory and Concentration – A Necessary Step In The Child Rearing Process

As Sara turned 3, I dedicated my time to play fun games with her. Most of the games we played involved concentration and memory enhancement and this was an important step in the child rearing process because it would help her later in the future.Child Rearing 21 child rearing Top 5 Basic Principles on Child Rearing Child Rearing 21

Basically, we played games where I would ask her questions about events that occurred the previous day or week.

For example, a question like, ‘What did we do in the park today?’ would make her furrow her brows in concentration and she would answer immediately, thus enhancing her memory.

In addition, she was also much better at recognizing colors by then. Also, we made story-telling a fun filled pastime for her.

I chose stories that were interesting, so that she could remember the names of the characters, thereby increasing her memory.

It is crucial for parents to develop activities that can help their toddlers to grow well because it’s vital for the kid’s growth.