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Top 5 Basic Principles on Child Rearing

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#3: Learn Your Child’s Language of Love – A Proven Positive Parenting  Technique

When I first read that we humans talk in different language of love, I was amazed. It’s funny how we often misunderstand the language of love spoken by our partners.

Similarly, I learnt that even children speak in different languages and it is the parent’s responsibility to understand what the child is saying. First off, I read that the five languages included physical touch, gifts, quality time, words of affirmation and acts of service.

Child Rearing 26 child rearing Top 5 Basic Principles on Child Rearing Child Rearing 26It was incredibly easy to understand Sara once I delved deep into this concept.

Many children usually display love by touching their parents repeatedly. Such kids also talk to other children by touching them and it is likely that these kids love physical touch.

The trick is to observe how your child expresses love.

If a child usually hugs or touches you, then the kid is actually expressing his/her love in that simple manner.

If your child loves to draw or do anything artistic and gifts that to you, the child is expressing love through gifts.

Parents can usually manage their toddlers in a better manner if they understand how the five languages work.

When a child cries repeatedly, complaining that the parents do not have time, then it is imperative to understand that the child seeks love through quality time. This can be a problem for many parents, thanks to their hectic schedules, but it is crucial to spend quality time with the kid so that they do not feel lonely or ignored.

If your toddler’s face brightens up whenever you do something for him, even if it is something as simple as fixing a broken toy, then your kid is speaking the ‘Acts of Service’ language. Some kids thrive when their parents praise them and such kids often seek words of affirmation from a parent.

My daughter, Sara, would often speak the ‘Physical touch’ language and I was happy that I was able to perceive what she wanted. The process also helped us bond with each other and those were the most beautiful days of my life!