Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Picking Up Girls? Obnoxious Cheesy Pick-Up Lines You Should Never Use

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Cheesy pick-up lines has a new patron saint for the geek chic 21st century, and it’s a short Ringo-looking Jewish engineer from MIT with a fashion sense straight out of the 70s—and groan-worthy one-liners to match.  We of course mean the one and only Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory.

Howard arguably grows the most of any character on the series, as of series 9 becoming a (semi) responsible and always loving husband to one Bernadette ‘Don’t Make Her Mad’ Rostenkowski.

BUT Howard have more than his fair share of groan-worthy pick-up lines before he met Bernie, and this is one of the worst.  A bad computer pun, the sexist language, the fact it’s hopelessly out of date (do the kids nowadays even know what a floppy disk is?) and its utter failure to even work as a sleazy compliment all contribute to its placement here.

A GOOD introduction or compliment makes the other person feel special about the qualities he or she has, rather than making you feel good for giving the compliment.  You’re not doing her (or yourself, for that matter) any favors by holding her up to an impossible standard.

Otherwise?  You end up sounding like Howie here—and remember, there’s a REASON, before they became friends, Penny broke his nose once.