Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Picking Up Girls? Obnoxious Cheesy Pick-Up Lines You Should Never Use

In Dating Advice for Men by Interconnected Lives


This is a perfect example of your classic bad pick-up line.

As obvious as the day is long?  Check!  Mistaking that blunt obviousness for actual wit?  Check!  Obnoxious in just how upfront and transparent it is?  Check!  Disrespectful language?  Check!  Using false flattery as a tool to try and seduce a woman for your own ends, thereby undoing any benefit to said flattery in the first place?  Check and Check!

And that’s the abbreviated list.

Another, subtler issue—well, as subtle as you can get with this type pf pick-up line—is the fact that comparing women to angels or heavenly beings…well, it’s kinda been ‘done.’  You know—by Dante, Shakespeare, Donne, and a whole horde of other Legendary White Male Poets.

Can your little pick-up line REALLY compare with THEM…or are you going to sound and look ridiculous by comparison, and unoriginal to boot?  Probably so, and none of those represent a good, respectful and successful way of getting a girl.