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Transforming Your Life with Chakra Meditation

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#3: Strengthening the inner vision

As kids, we tend to be very creative since we have the power to imagine and see things. However, as we grow up, we stop using the power of our imagination and inner vision.Chakra Meditation 5 chakra meditation Transforming Your Life with Chakra Meditation Chakra Meditation 5

Inner vision or the power of imagination, often helps us see things without any adulteration, thereby helping us eliminate illusions and look at things with different perspectives.

We, as human beings, tend to dream and make up things we like to believe and often ignore the truth, but once we harness the power of our inner vision, illusion slowly separates itself from the dreams we made up and helps us walk towards the path of clarity.

We actually have the power to imagine anything, so we should use that power to strengthen our connection with God and with other human beings.

This type of chakra meditation involves imagining an image and focusing completely on it. The image you select could be anything, depending on your tastes, but the trick lies in focusing on the image to gain peace, harmony and joy, thereby healing yourself.

My Guru said that I could imagine a bright white light that was glorious, yet powerful. Of course, it takes quite a bit of time to master this type of meditation, but I tried.

The meditation was more or less a spiritual journey and though I had trouble focusing on an image in my mind, it was very uplifting. I imagined everything positive and felt relaxed immediately.