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Transforming Your Life with Chakra Meditation

In Self Confidence by Interconnected Lives

People often meditate to experience a feeling of relaxation and contentment, but the chakra meditation is used to reflect our inherent beliefs in our lives. It is all about how you feel about yourself and others who play important roles in your life.

I am going to discuss about how the chakra meditation can be used to improve our lives, but before you delve into the concept of the chakra meditation, it is imperative to understand the importance of the 7 chakras.

As human beings, we tend to get upset over a lot of situations and we usually believe that we feel upset due to incidents that occur in our lives; however, it actually works backwards, meaning we actually get upset due to some factors that exist in us already.

For example, you understandably feel upset when your spouse/partner wants to break up with you, but you fail to understand that the event of separation is actually a reflection of a part of you, even though you aren’t aware of it.

Surely, this could be confusing, but my Guru explained it in detail and after I tried my best to understand what that meant, I slowly grasped how the chakras relate to our lives.

I met my Guru in a city called Kottayam, located in Kerala. I had read about it before I even visited Kottayam, but nothing had prepared me for the beauty that surrounded this city.

The ashram I visited was calm and serene, making it difficult for me to even think about returning back home. People in India are definitely religious but they certainly care a lot about meditation, Ayurveda and Yoga.

I found many people practicing the chakra meditation with ease, as though they had been doing it for decades. That’s when I learned that the chakras actually have a deep impact on many parts of our lives, but it takes a lot of patience to grasp the importance and meaning of how they do it.

The 7 chakras can be open, over-active and under-active, depending on how we feel but there are many exercises that could help you open those chakras.

In addition, chakras can also help you feel connected with yourself and make you self-aware. It also makes you feel calm and relaxed and these exercises can be practiced at any time.

Most importantly, people practice the chakra meditation to feel clean and pure by eliminating dark thoughts and negativity.

Simply put, the chakra meditation allows energy to flow into our bodies through the seven chakra centers.