Broken Heart Quotes

Heal Romantic Wounds with These 7 Broken Heart Quotes

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There are so many options to choose from when considering what might be called broken heart quotes that it might be better to take a step back and ask ourselves – How do we keep letting ourselves get hurt in the first place?!

That’s a tempting way to approach having a broken heart—or, if you’re cynical, an easy way to brush off these broken heart quotes as nothing more than stupid people lamenting their stupid mistakes—but in fact, viewing things this way is really part of the problem.

We’re going to look at quite a few quotes in this article, not just those in the main header, nearly all of which are taken from recent works and cover a rather modern view of romance and heartbreak, and an overriding theme is going to be that, quite frankly, continuously blaming yourself is just about the worst strategy imaginable for getting over breakups.

Sure, if you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over you might have reason to have pause, but otherwise, beating up your already-bruised and bloodied heart is no way to heal it, and without healing there is no help—in medicine, in romance, and in life.  That may sound like trite advice, but it’s true.

One other tidbit before we start—while we’ll, again, have some more cultured authors and works in this work as well, we’ve chosen a lot of popular if not critically-acclaimed darlings in order to show a the range of ways in which modern heartbreak is presented.

Without further ado, then, here are seven broken heart quotes to help your healing process