Boyfriend Quotes

Sassy Boyfriend Quotes That Will Leave You Laughing Out Loud

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Boyfriend quotes are rather like boyfriends themselves—you hope for a real winner, but you know there are always some that are going to leave you disappointed, unfulfilled, or downright disgusted.

We hope to provide nothing but the former here.

All jokes aside, the Internet really is the perfect haven for boyfriend quotes as well as extended discussions on the nature of coupling and what it even means to be or have a boyfriend in the 21s century.

With sites such as Tumblr and Buzzfeed, to say nothing of a thousand cleverly-cliché Hot Topic T-shirts, the world has never been quite as quote-happy as it is now, and then there are whole websites—such as this one!—devoted to giving in-depth analysis as well as those lovely little quotable tidbits.

One thing the Internet loves and has in spades is pure sass.  Who hasn’t read a book or seen a play, movie or TV show, seen a character come back with the perfect one-liner, and wished we could sound that way in real life?

If someone’s rude to you or takes a sharp or snarky tone with you, there’s a good chance you might be left stuttering, or saying something desperate, unintelligible, or absolutely embarrassing back.

In the literary world of Shakespeare, Austen or Oscar Wilde, however, or the movie world of James Bond, Regina George or Captain Jack Sparrow, however, an insult can be answered back with an even better, oh-so-witty response that makes it all better.

In one sense, sass is wit with attitude.

Here, then, are seven of the wittiest, sassiest boyfriend quotes you’ll ever see