Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships

How to Deal with Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships

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#5: Low Empathy

Another important issue that is faced by people in borderline personality disorder relationships is the fact that the affected party is not able to feel empathy.

Now, everyone is aware of how important empathy is in order to be a good person and also to survive in a relationship.

Empathy is directly linked to emotional strength and intelligence and sometimes, people can be extremely empathetic, whereas at other times, they are not.

If an individual is not empathetic to certain situation, he/she might be suffering from borderline personality disorder as it strips away emotional feelings and everything as such from an individual.

Instead, it makes them exceptionally volatile and scared of change. While being low in emotional intelligence, as they call it, it is not always important for such people to be low in intelligence overall.

In fact, such people can be as gifted as normal people when it comes to being smart and they can also do well in life.

The only thing that makes them different from all the others is their lack or inability to have empathy, which is a major emotion that one must have when they have a partner.

Empathy is what connects two people together and unfortunately it is not present in people who are suffering from this particular disorder. Hence, it is the most prominent reason behind why such relationships do not work out as smoothly as the regular ones do.