Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships

How to Deal with Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships

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#3: Abundance of Patience

As far as borderline personality disorder relationships go, patience is the key. A person dating someone with this disorder has been recommended to be extra patient with their partner as they have the tendency to test their limits to the maximum.

Now, this does not involve anything out of the ordinary but such individuals have to be taken care of a lot. They must be taken care of by shielding them from rejection, harsh realities and one must also avoid fighting over everything with them.

These are some things that are bound to occur in one way or the other, so people in borderline personality disorder relationships have been suggested to be ready for them.

Not everyone has the patience to deal with such individuals, which is why this is such a massive issue when it comes to being with someone having the disorder.

According to research, a lot of people in present times are in borderline personality disorder relationships. While some of them willingly enter into a relationship with such individuals, there are a lot of others who are not aware about this condition before they enter into a relationship with someone.

Even though it is not a grave matter, it surely requires a lot of consideration from people before they actually go ahead and date someone like that. This is due to the fact that they must be fully aware of what they are signing up for and what they will have to deal with in not only the short but the long run as well.

It does get easy for some people but for others, the problem could persist forever. Therefore, thinking clearly before being with such a partner is something that all people must decide on right from the beginning.

If you haven’t thought about it carefully, you will have to be extremely patient regarding each and every aspect of your relationship and you might even have to break things off with your partner if the pressure becomes too much to handle.