Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships

How to Deal with Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships

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#2: Prone to Sensitivity

Something that people do not know about borderline personality disorder relationships is the fact that the affected parties involved in them are exceptionally sensitive.

This means that any topic that offends them or could hurt their feelings is right off the table. It even includes telling the absolute truth at times since truth too, can be very painful most of the times.

Since they are affected by a personality disorder, their feelings and emotions are not the same as everybody else’s. In fact, they are sensitive, which means that their partner must work extra hard to not make them sad or disappoint them in any way possible.

Realistically speaking, this is hardly possible as humans are not perfect. They are bound to make one mistake or the other, if not in the present, then surely sometime in the future.

Therefore, most of the experts have revealed how hard it can be to be in borderline personality disorder relationships.

This does not mean that one must never get into a relationship with someone who’s suffering from this condition, but it surely helps being cautious about it in the first place as not everyone is likely to have the patience to actually take care of someone this way.

As people with the personality disorder are highly sensitive, they take rejection very badly, which is one of the reasons why they must not be denied anything as the outcome could be bad.

Not only could such people hurt themselves over being rejected but they are also likely to hurt other people too this could be equally upsetting for not just one but both parties.