Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships

How to Deal with Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships

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#1: Increased Fights & Arguments

People have been suggested to take many things in thorough consideration when involved in Borderline personality disorder relationships.

One of the most prominent issues faced for being a partner of such individuals include arguments as well as fights.

People who have this personality disorder have been labeled as aggressive and loose tempered, which means that they do not take fights lightly.

They are most likely to start a heated debate that really won’t go anywhere and in this process, they probably are not going to realize what they say and what they do.

An argumentative personality has always been linked with people who have this disorder and while there is no instant cure for it, treatment surely can bring about a lot of difference and that too, in a short period of time.

However, one must be patient in order to see how well the affected individual will respond before drawing out any conclusions regarding betterment. Borderline personality disorder relationships can be immensely toxic as fights and arguments on a daily basis can be extremely distressing for a person who does not have this disorder.

On the other hand, it is not healthy in a situation where both parties have been affected by the disorder.