Blended Family

How We Achieved Harmony in Our Blended Family

In Marriage by Interconnected Lives

I realized years ago that it wasn’t easy to manage a blended family, especially as a divorcee with two kids. I had married John mainly because I longed for my children to experience a good time with a great father and though John, a widower with a son, had blended beautifully with my kids, we were beginning to experience a lot of friction amongst us.

In less than six months of our marriage, we noticed that we were constantly arguing on how to discipline the kids, deal with our exes and families. Never mind the honeymoon, but we didn’t even have time for each other anymore and I honestly felt that we would be divorced pretty soon.

The challenge of managing a blended family was too taxing for us, so we decided to consult a therapist. My friends and family actually felt that it was a waste of time since his child wasn’t even my ‘real child’, but I was determined to try and make it work.

First off, our therapist told us that our marriage was doomed to fail if we ignored our marriage for the sake of our kids. That was an eye opener for us, but at the same time, I knew that my guilt would kill me if I couldn’t take care of his child’s needs, so we decided to take our time and manage everything to maintain a healthy family.

If you’re having trouble with your blended family, read on to see how we reduced conflicts amongst us