Best Friend Quiz

Best Friend Quiz: Is Your Girlfriend Really Your BFF?

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Quiz #5: Do you need a friendship makeover?

Even if things aren’t necessarily ‘toxic’ between your BFF and your boyfriend, that doesn’t mean things are completely healthy between the two of you.

Every relationship runs into obstacles, including the relationship you have with your best friend. If you’re in a rough patch, you may need help smoothing things over. A true BFF is worth keeping…so, do you and she need a friendship makeover?


Final Words

So, what have we learned here today? For starters, a best friend is a precious commodity, and an absolute must—if you and your friend passed these tests with flying colors, then take a bow, Thelma and Louise, you two are soulmates and sisters for life!

Don’t let anything come between you two, because what you have is the kind of special symbiosis that only comes from years of experience, to the point that neither of you has to say it out loud to know you both think that guy was hot, or a total jerk—or both.

Incidentally, if you truly do have that rare kind of bond that only BFFs know and enjoy, then you shouldn’t let a romantic partner get in the way of that. That doesn’t mean that you need to fear relationships, or that a man (or woman) need come between you two.

After all, a true BFF would want you to have that love and be happy no matter what. Your relationship with a BFF that loving and loyal is just as important as any you might have with a romantic liaison.

What’s more, a true partner wouldn’t want to come between you two, so congrats once again…and if you ‘failed’ our best friend quiz, never fear—grumbling about how wrong we are is just one more thing to help bring you closer together.