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Best Friend Quiz: Is Your Girlfriend Really Your BFF?

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And now for the big one, the one that could really prove to be controversial, the questionnaire to end them all-yes, it’s the best friend quiz!

This is where you find out just how compatible you and your BBF are. Sure, there are plenty of quizzes out there on the Internet that deal with marriage, couples, and all matter of different unions, but the BFF quiz is a staple of magazines and Internet articles everywhere.

In many ways, our BFF is as much as our ‘better half’ as any partner we might marry. D.H. Lawrence even extended the best friend relationship to true, deep love in Women in Love.

In it, Birkin, a bisexual man, loves a woman, Ursula—along with her sister Gudrun, one of the titular ‘Women in Love’—but says he also wanted a friendship with his best male mate, Gerald, that was just as ‘true’ and ‘eternal.’

Things end badly between Gudrun and Gerald, with the latter dying and ending Birkin’s chances for such a union, but that doesn’t have to be the case with you!

So, get your BFF on Skype or by your side and take this best friend quiz together to find out just how close the two of you really are!

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”
― Elbert Hubbard

Let’s take these 5 quizzes to find out if your bestie is Really Your BFF

  • Quiz #1: Are you really best friends?
  • Quiz #2: Is your best friend really your best friend girls?
  • Quiz #3: What type of best friend is best for you?
  • Quiz #4: Is your friend toxic to your relationship?
  • Quiz #5: Do you need a friendship makeover?

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