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Best Dating Tips for Women From a Crazy Bitch

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He would not respond to me at all after the coffee shop ordeal – and who can blame him, right? Well, I decided to give it one last shot and asked him if he would call me because I had something to tell him.

He reluctantly did so, and I truly believe, now, that he only did so to see what other kind of craziness I had up my sleeve.

It was only a couple of seconds into the phone call before I start shedding tears about how I have been really hurt in the past, and how I am in a vulnerable spot and how sorry I was for acting so ridiculous but it was only because he was such a great guy and I really wanted to see where things would go between us… blah, blah, blah.

What in the world has gotten into me?

This was the worst speech I’ve ever given, and I should have really just stopped shooting him text messages when he stopped genuinely replying to me in the first place.

Then, for myself to only further it with phone calls, stalking and a tearful rant about how I need him… Oh my goodness.

So, ladies, take another best dating tips for women from me – even if you aren’t usually the crazy bitch kind, you have it in you. This isn’t a good thing. In fact, you want to avoid bringing it out at all costs.

If a guy isn’t taking the time to reply to you whether it is text messages, phone calls, emails – or whatever else- he is not interested. A man will let you know that he is interested if you put yourself out there. Short, one word answers 80% of the time is not a good sign.

The last best dating tips for women that you can take from a crazy bitch is: lay off the messaging and see if he comes around to you. Otherwise, leave it as it is and put the phone down! Technology, it’ll be the death to all of our dating if we don’t get a grip on our ‘crazy bitch’ emotions.