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Best Dating Tips for Women From a Crazy Bitch

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However, if there is any dating tips for women that I can preach, it is to never sleep with a guy after a night out at the bar. You will instantly turn into a one night stand, regardless of how strong the chemistry was between the two of you.

I gave him my phone number instead, and suggested that we get together on a sober note. Totally normal, right?

A couple of days later, he took me out to his friend’s place and was completely smitten. He almost always had his hand on my leg, as if to say, ‘This is my girl’ and he was always suggesting events that we should go to together in the near future.

Needless to say, I truly felt like I had this in the bag. This guy was into me! He was sold.

Then, it happened…

The crazy bitch inside took over. It had been a good week and we had gone out maybe 4 out of the 7 days. Again, I thought I had this guy completely in love with me, but this all changed pretty darn quickly.

It all started with the biggest crazy crime that us ladies are notorious for – the over-texting/e-mailing. This is when we send an obsessive amount of e-mails messages, back to back, without a reply from the recipient.Dating Tips for Women 3 dating tips for women Best Dating Tips for Women From a Crazy Bitch Dating Tips for Women 31

Here is one of the best dating tips for women that I can give you. It doesn’t have to be an absurd amount of text or emails.

Guys believe that long messages are a warning sign, and anything more than 4 messages in a row will sound their alarm.

More importantly, just because they eventually reply does not mean that you are in the clear.  Take it from me!

Things quickly turned sour, despite him actually responding. Short, one word answers – all the time – is not a good thing.

Sure, men like to be short and sweet with their messaging, but when it is excessive, you might have a problem.

Unfortunately, his sudden turn in interest only furthered my emotional outburst, just as it does for the majority of women out there. I was desperately (seriously) trying to do anything to get him interested again.

The messages weren’t working, so what do I do next…