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Best Dating Tips for Women From a Crazy Bitch

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I am sure that you are aware of how many women have earned the title of being a crazy bitch. Well, it is official. I have also earned the title myself. As women, we are more emotional and sometimes, we tend to let our emotions take over our reason, so let me share with you the best dating tips for women and how you can avoid the title ‘crazy bitch’.

No one wants a crazy girlfriend (which will likely turn into a crazy ex), so it is important to recognize when you are acting like a fool (i.e crazy bitch).

However, you can’t only recognize the symptoms of the crazy woman within yourself and move on, doing whatever it is that you’re doing to make yourself look like you should be in a looney bin.

You need to see the signs of a crazy bitch, and then stop doing whatever it is that you’re doing.

Now, to be fair, the majority of people throw this term ‘crazy bitch’ around like its nothing.

A couple breaks up and suddenly his ex girlfriend is considered to be a psycho. So, you really can’t always believe that someone is legitimately a crazy bitch unless it comes from the person themselves, you know, possibly in the form of a confession?

So, here is what happened. I was out with my girlfriend’s and may have had one too many drinks, but I couldn’t resist this sexy man who was eyeing me up the entire night.

I approached him (men love a woman who makes the first move) and the night began. This guy was really into me and as the closing hours reached the clock, he wanted me to leave the bar with him and go back to his place…