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Beauty Humor: Yeah! Definitely I Need More Face Powder

In Relationship Humor by Interconnected Lives

The topic of beauty humor makes me think of this quote, ‘Girls, there is a fine line between wearing makeup and looking like you just got gang banged by crayola.’

We tend to give so much importance to our beauty that we forget other important things in life.

Many of my friends have asked me ‘What’s the point in spending hours on your hair to style a messy bun? It’s messy after all, so why bother?”

Extreme hype created by the media make many of us go scrambling to get a tummy tuck and a liposuction.

The current era makes us so self-conscious that we often follow the trend.

All characters appearing in these Beauty Humor articles are fictitious. Any resemblance to your life, I mean, to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

We try to lose weight, slather our faces with make-up, Photoshop our pictures to post them in social media and what not. Sometimes I wonder if this all this necessary?

Are you ready to laugh your worries away with some beauty humor?