Attracted To Married Men

Why Am I Attracted to Married Men and Loving It?

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#6: Childhood Events

Psychiatrists have given other reasons for some women’s fascination with married men. They believe that the explanation for this peculiarity lies within the woman’s childhood.

Psychiatrists agree that women whose fathers cheated on their mothers tend to want or are attracted mostly to committed men. When girls are younger, they see their fathers as their heroes and believe that there is no man better than him in the entire world.

They may, unconsciously, begin to think that if their fathers cheat on their mothers, it is because family life lacks something, that there is something missing in his life that only his mistress is able to provide him.

When she grows up, she may consciously acknowledge how wrong her thoughts were. Usually, it is too late.

Her childish explanation has ingrained itself in her head. She may start to believe that the only way she can make a man happy, and ultimately be happy herself, is by being a mistress. Therefore, she relentlessly pursues married men and truly believes she is doing what makes her happy.

The attraction which is so unconventional comes from unresolved childhood issues that need immediate medical attention. If her mother had gotten her psychiatric help when the childhood event occurred, she may have normal attractions.

Final Words

Though hitting on a married man and even claiming to like him seems to be a pretty bad idea, you can’t really do anything about it sometimes. Of course, your relationship with a married man can teach you a thing or two.

I learnt that you can’t build a healthy relationship with someone who’s already committed to someone. If you’re looking for a casual fling, it might work but if you’re someone who anticipates a solid relationship, you must really start looking elsewhere.

What about you? Do you get attracted to married men? If yes, how did you sort your issues? Tell us your stories and we’ll be sure to share them with others!