Attracted To Married Men

Why Am I Attracted to Married Men and Loving It?

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#5: Fear of Real Commitment

As mentioned before in this article, relationships with married men rarely ever culminate in much because men with families to run don’t want to give up their lives and lose money in a bad divorce just for the “other” woman alone.

Many women acknowledge this fact and they know that getting serious with a man who has already exchanged his vows is a relationship almost certainly doomed to end in failure.

However, some women want exactly that. They are okay with the fact that the relationship won’t last long.

Expert psychiatrists have described a few types of women who are afraid to commit to a relationship because they feel that if they give their all to a man, they will have their hearts broken.

Therefore, they choose to go for men who are married to at least have a feeling of companionship, even if they know that the feeling is not actually real.

When these women approach available men, they feel that they are going to be rejected; yet, they have all these expectations which they feel will be crushed if they approach an available man.

So, instead of going to a single guy, they approach married men because being rejected by them, either immediately or after some time, is not a surprise to them.

They understand why they have been rejected and because they expected it, they are not as badly hurt by it. Therefore, they prefer to go for committed men.