Attracted To Married Men

Why Am I Attracted to Married Men and Loving It?

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#3: Married Men Are Obviously Not Afraid To Commit

Single men take their own sweet time to commit, in my opinion. You’d think that married men are paranoid when it comes to commitment, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

How many times have we heard women complain how their boyfriend is just not ready to commit, that he is still taking things too casually and that he just will not pay any attention to her. Women want men that give their all to them. Dealing with men who are scared to commit is tiring.

Women don’t want to deal with men who want to stay as boyfriends or fiancés who refuse to set a wedding date for years.

That is why married men are so attractive to them. When they see a man with a ring on his finger, they are immediately reminded of the distaste they have to suffer at the hands of their man.

Then, they see this man – committed and at ease and unafraid of spending the rest of their lives with one woman. The man in question wasn’t afraid of asking the love of his life to spend the rest of her days with him, so it makes him all the more appealing.

When women pursue married men, they want this commitment, yet they also acknowledge the fact that the man is probably in love with his wife.

This, therefore, creates a challenge for them and makes the whole thing even more interesting for them. Therefore, they pursue the married man with utmost conviction and determination.