Attracted To Married Men

Why Am I Attracted to Married Men and Loving It?

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#1: Married Men Represents a Challenge

For many women, a good challenge is a great way to kick boredom away from their lives. To them a married man represents a challenge.

Women like competing even more than men and when they go after married men. I went through this too. I didn’t realize that I wanted to prove it to myself that I was better than the man’s wife. It’s not something I’m proud of, but that’s how it happened.

Needless to say, I also wanted to prove it to myself and to the man that I had a better body and was far more beautiful than his wife.

Of course, it was my ego talking. I was proud of myself and my career and I did things I regret. I have never backed off from a challenge and I didn’t even realize that I was treating my love life as a challenge. While I met powerful men and took charge of company matters in the office, I wasn’t very different in my personal life either.

Similarly, a woman may not be consciously aware of this feeling. She may start to feel that the adrenaline rush she feels after defeating the other woman is actually attraction for the man. Women who like married men start with flirting and tell themselves that it is harmless and will not go any further.

The thrill women feel when they enter prohibited territory is mistaken for the thrill of having a good lover. Therefore, they turn on their charm and their smile and give the man their all. The challenge initiates it but women often get bored when that part is over.