Attracted To Married Men

Why Am I Attracted to Married Men and Loving It?

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I have always been attracted to married men and I admit it. It’s not the case only with me but there are several women who find married men irresistible.

This is a fact many women find hard to admit and they would really prefer to not have anyone mention it. I am guilty of it too and I’m sure many women share my sentiments too. It’s probably a case of those forbidden fruits where you’re tempted to do something when it’s considered amoral.

Seeing that band sends a particular category of women over the edge. It initiates feelings in them that are confusing. This is because even though they are attracted to the man, they know it is wrong and are disgusted by the fact that such feelings are taking life in them.

I have been there and done that too. I have, for years, tried to figure out why it happens to me. I’m not judging anyone who’s attracted to married men but I am certainly curious as to why these feelings haunt me.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to love. As they say, everything’s fair in love and fair. Some people might detest women who are attracted to married men and they may also be right in doing so.

If you’re someone like me who finds married men incredibly sexy, read on to know why it happens