Attitude of Gratitude

The Attitude of Gratitude – How It Transformed My Life

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#5: Keep A Journal to Note down Whatever You’re Grateful For

I began keeping a journal about 3 years ago and though it might seem ridiculous to many people, I can attest to the fact that it truly works wonders.

The attitude of gratitude is so powerful that it creates a pathway full of happiness and that’s possibly the best way to find true happiness.

The journal I maintained consisted of a list of things I was truly grateful for. In the beginning, being the sad human that I was, I only had a few things on the list; however, over time it grew to a long, long list that amazed me.

It gradually became a way to express my gratitude in my own simple manner.

It also allowed me to sense how brilliant life was and that I shouldn’t anything for granted. Honestly, I realized that it was possible to enjoy life to its fullest by embracing the attitude of gratitude.

The journal also helped me relish older memories and I used to pore over it whenever I felt lonely. It was my friend in my darkest hours, a confidant who accepted me the way I was.

If you’re going through what I experienced several years ago, I recommend that you maintain a journal too. As your journal grows, you will notice that you have grown in leaps and bounds too.