Attitude of Gratitude

The Attitude of Gratitude – How It Transformed My Life

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#3: Be Honest With Yourself and Stay Away From Negativity

I mentioned earlier that I was forced to quit my job since I couldn’t handle negativity and it was an environment I could not thrive in.

Sure, the money was great, but the kind of effort and selfishness it required to succeed at my job was mind boggling.

Ultimately, I had to decide whether it was worth all the frustration I faced. If I quit, I would struggle for money, but if I didn’t, I would probably go crazy, so I quit.

The attitude of gratitude teaches you an important lesson – honesty. I was being dishonest to myself when I would struggle at my work each and every day.

What was the point of all the money I earned if I didn’t have the time to spend it? What was the point of all the money if I wasn’t available for my loved ones?

I’m not saying that you should quit your job and start focusing completely on family, but what I’m saying is that you need to be honest and do something you truly love because if you don’t, you are more likely to get burned sooner or later.

In addition, it is equally important to recognize friends who are filled with positivity and negativity. Once you distinguish between your true and false friends, life becomes much easier. I had friends who encouraged my rude behavior and they would approach me only when they needed monetary assistance.

If you’re really lonely, you tend to make bad decisions and I did it too. However, once I distanced myself from such people and appreciated my true friends who weren’t afraid to call a spade a spade, my life changed drastically.

Nowadays, we call such people ‘Frenemies’ who take a lot from you, but give you nothing in return. In addition, I have noticed that such people have a sense of enlightenment about themselves, as though they are doing a favor to the world by being present around you. Once I cut myself away from such people, I knew that I was heading towards a positive outcome in life.