Attitude of Gratitude

The Attitude of Gratitude – How It Transformed My Life

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#2: Connect With Those Who Love You

Life can be very boring if you don’t have a partner or a family or friends. To be honest, I didn’t blame them for deserting me since I would have probably done the same to someone if they treated me in a bad manner.

I tried new ways to connect and talk to my wife, but she wasn’t interested. I wondered if she would ever take me back into her life; however, I kept trying by sending little “Thank you” notes.Attitude of Gratitude 2 attitude of gratitude The Attitude of Gratitude – How It Transformed My Life Attitude of Gratitude 2

I also pasted our old pictures that were taken at a time when we both were madly in love with each other.

In addition, I also tried to re-connect with my family and friends by sending notes that expressed my gratitude.

I did feel foolish while I was doing that and to be honest, I was worried that they would reject me; however, I couldn’t sit still and watch my loves ones walk away from me, so I had to try.

While few of my friends were unforgiving, others appreciated my gesture and forgave me.

My wife was still not interested to come back and live with me, but I sensed that everything would be alright if I simply kept trying.