How We Raised Our Son Diagnosed with Aspergers

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#3: Develop Social Relationships to Make It Easy 

Children with Aspergers sometimes don’t understand why they can’t get along with other kids. While some kids face major issues at school, other children with Aspergers are fortunate because there are various schools that help them deal with their problems. In our case, Andrew didn’t have extensive problems at school, but he was having trouble making friends.

My husband and I had a great relationship with his teachers at school since we felt that it was the most important step for Andrew.

I would probably die with guilt if he was mistreated at school, so I made sure that he was treated well; however, he simply couldn’t make any friends. Andrew wasn’t bothered about his lack of friends, he was simply indifferent to attention.

To reduce this issue, we visited his school regularly, armed with cookies and other treats for children. We also helped Andrew practice some social skills by making him offer those cookies to other children.

Aspergers 23 aspergers How We Raised Our Son Diagnosed with Aspergers Aspergers 23Andrew also had trouble identifying any attention displayed by other children. It was necessary to make him understand that he could make friends too.

I was worried sick that he would be socially rejected everywhere he went, but thankfully he did make some progress with our attempts to help him make some friends.

No he didn’t become instantly popular, but with time, he could remember his classmates’ names and use them in conversations to our relief.

I would deliberately ask him about his friends so that he would open up more. It is important to remember that other kids will not be able to understand children with Aspergers.

So, if you have a child suffering from Aspergers, you can’t get upset with other children, but you should try to help your kid make friends.