How We Raised Our Son Diagnosed with Aspergers

In Parenting by Interconnected Lives

#2: Introduce Changes Gradually 

As I mentioned earlier, Andrew would have problems whenever there were slight changes in his routine. For instance, he used to watch TV for an hour everyday from 4 to 5pm, but if we had to go out to the park, or meet his doctor, or meet his friends in that time period, he wouldn’t adjust to that.

We did our very best to stick to his routine, but over time, we realized that he could face problems in the future if it continued.

We had no control over unexpected events that could occur at any time and thus, we decided to introduce changes very slowly in his routine.

While introducing a change, the trick is to make it seem fun for children with Aspergers. I would announce, “Surprise!” while changing something and though Andrew despised it at first, he gradually understood that a surprise meant a change in his routine.

It might be difficult to deal with children suffering from Aspergers at times, but with patience, everything can be sorted eventually.

So, if we had to go a dentist appointment between 4 to 5 pm, I would yell “Surprise!” to make it sound fun for Andrew. In addition, praising a child with Aspergers is very, very important. It also helps the child understand and tolerate any delays in their regular schedule.

Ultimately, they realize that the world is not always predictable and that there are other activities that can be very rewarding for them. Sure, they have their own problems, but with such an exceptional IQ, they do understand things more than a normal child would.

It can be arduous in the beginning, but when you realize that your child’s future depends on how you treat him, you will be able to accept everything eventually.