How We Raised Our Son Diagnosed with Aspergers

In Parenting by Interconnected Lives

#1: Develop a Routine 

As mentioned earlier, children with Aspergers have different symptoms. Among various ‘traits’, my boy had a problem whenever there was a change in his routine.

For example, every time he had to start with another new year in school, he would throw temper tantrums. While other kids happily played in the park, Andrew had issues while adjusting to a new routine.

He would slip back to his routine of waking up around 9 am and watch TV every morning during the holidays, but if we tried to change that, he could become very unsettled.

Therefore, we decided to establish his routine much before the school would start. We would continue with his schedule as though there was no change at all. This meant that we had to adjust his bed time according to his school’s schedule and we were OK with that.