The Date I Learned the Most Seductive Argentine Tango Steps…

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Standing close to me, with his lips brushing my forehead, he demonstrated one of the Argentine tango steps that made us stand really close, facing each other. ‘This is the position 0,’ he announced, as I watched him pull me closer towards him. It was becoming difficult to concentrate on the dance.

Slowly, I learnt the basics Argentine tango steps, including rocking and swaying my body. Holding my hand, he nudged me to lean away from him as he did the same. I held on to his hands as I leaned as much as I could, but his eyes never left mine.

I found myself trusting him as our bodies leaned away with hands held and feet right next to each other. I clasped him tightly as he taught me more about the Off-axis position.

On our second date, this sexy Argentinean tango instructor invited me for a private session. He had taught me the most sensual Argentine tango steps in this session

It was impossible to stand close to him and dance. Somehow his commanding posture intimidated me, but it was truly difficult to take my eyes off him.

Suddenly, without a warning, he leaned in towards me, making my breath hitch. I wasn’t expecting it and as his lips almost touched my nose, caressing it, I felt giddy. It was the opposite of what we’d just done and was known as the On-axis position.Argentine Tango Steps 1 argentine tango steps The Date I Learned the Most Seductive Argentine Tango Steps... Argentine Tango Steps 1

I lowered my eyes as I was way too close to him, with my feet away from his. That position made me careen towards him for support and I struggled for balance as I held him tightly.

This tango dance was extremely erotic and though we were not really touching each other, I felt as though he was undressing me with  his eyes.

He looked unbelievably attractive with just a simple white shirt and black trousers, but his red suspenders made him look boyish and charming.

‘Elizabeth…’ he whispered. My name had never sounded so sensuous to me, but coming from his lips, it made my nerves tingle. ‘You’re a natural tango dancer.

And your skin…your skin is softer than silk’, he breathed.  I closed my eyes as his words washed over me.