Anthony Robbins 2

Anthony Robbins: In Your Moments of Decision Your Destiny Is Shaped

In Self Esteem by Interconnected Lives

Anthony Robbins had to give up on all his dreams, and he started to do most of the house chores instead. He cooked meals, repaired broken appliances and shopped for groceries. But, these were a tad too much for young Tony to handle and as a result, he couldn’t spend his teenage years like other boys of his age.

However, he worked hard to please his mother with all the house chores he was held responsible for. Though Tony had to face hardship, he loved the fact that he could attend school but the fear of his mother making him quit school plagued him.

As a very popular figure in school, he was elected as the Student Body President after a compelling speech he delivered.

Overtime, his responsibilities widened and he devoted long hours to his duties. He proved to be a successful President, but fate was not done with him yet. His mother once again did not approve of his   achievements and the more he achieved, the more she felt like she was losing him.

Living with his mother became hard for him and the daily fights and arguments pushed him to the edge. On Christmas Eve in 1977 at the age of 17, after a heated argument with his mother, Tony left his home for good.

Anthony Robbins was 17, homeless, hungry and decided to stay at his friend’s house. Tony started working as a janitor at his uncle’s cleaning company in order to pay for his expenses—food, rent and school.

Anthony Robbins worked late nights sweeping, mopping floors of banks, and even took a bus 14 miles up and down. Sleep deprived and hungry, he missed school often. When a counselor in school questioned him about his irregular schedule, Tony finally broke down and poured his heart out. The kind counselor realized his problems and advised him to quit school, but that was the last thing Tony wanted to do.

Later, his mother asked him to come back home, but when she found out that Tony was receiving help from an uncle she intervened and asked his uncle to stop helping him.

According to her, Tony had to live on his own and struggle without receiving and favors or support from his family. Tony lost his single support system too– a job as a janitor.