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About Us: #1 Interpersonal Relationships Blog & Forum

Interconnected Lives is an online magazine-style blog and forum site offering insight, inspiration and practical advice on a variety of experiences and challenges we all grapple with in our interpersonal relationships.

Interconnected Lives features a fresh collection blogs and articles offering advice and experience-based reflections from the lives of real people who have faced extraordinary circumstances.

Presented in artfully graphic, easy-to-navigate pages, all articles are written by Interconnected Lives’ talented staff writers, who conduct research and interview people whose life experiences can be helpful to others and deserve sharing.

Spawned from a growing desire of many to explore and improve their relationships with friends, family, at work and the world at large, Interconnected Lives offers readers insight and guidance to unlock the secrets to establishing more satisfying alliances.

Interconnected Lives goes beyond the limitations of other websites that generally focus on just one or two relationship areas by offering one extensive site that examines the complexities of all types of interpersonal relationships, and the integrated manner in which these alliances exist in real life.

Through our diverse catalog of interviews, articles and tips, Interconnected Lives provides readers with a variety of tools to better understand themselves and others, and to put that knowledge to use to dramatically improve their own friendship & social life experiences. IL’s expertise offers insight on improving your ability to love and nurture yourself, enjoy mixing with other singles, enhance the quality of friendships, improve your parenting skills and breathe a healthier energy into dating, intimacy, marriage and more.

We also have sections on  self esteem, self confidence and even a bit of astrological compatibilityrelationship humor and relationship quizzes for added fun.

In addition to a collection of insightful articles and useful advice, Interconnected Lives offers a forum that provides readers with a safe place to anonymously share experiences or seek encouragement from others who have had similar experiences.

In our forum, your thoughts, comments and contributions are completely protected; disrespect is not tolerated here.

We encourage everyone to participate in our forum conversations and help create a caring, trusting, supportive community.

By taking this unique, experience-based approach to examining interpersonal relationships, Interconnected Lives aims to offer inspiration and fulfillment to readers seeking to improve their relationships.

Find out how Interconnected Lives can help you learn the art of self-love and inner peace, which will carry on to all your interpersonal relationships. Our aim is to fulfill a growing desire to be inspired, express emotions and understand the intricacies of all of life’s relationships.

“To BE KIND is more important than to be right. Many times, what people need is NOT a brilliant mind that speaks but a SPECIAL HEART that listens.”

Interconnected Lives

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