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9 Relationship Rules You May Be Ignoring

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#7: Keep it Private

Many of us have the habit of discussing our personal matters with our friends. While doing that is definitely not wrong, remember to draw the line when necessary.

Don’t make it a habit to wash your dirty linen in public as it’s simply not recommended. On the other hand, remember that too many cooks spoil the broth. If you want relationship advice and turn to your friends to help you, you might feel great, but remember that it’s you who knows your partner well and you can act accordingly.

Your friends might want the best for you and could try to give you various advices and though you can listen to them, try not to take everything to heart. Nothing is perfect and too many suggestions could actually hamper your relationship, instead of making it better for you.

It is important to realize that other people do not have the same view of things as partners in a relationship do. What they say or advice is based on their experiences and beliefs, which is pretty much their philosophy about love. Never spoil your relationship with your spouse by acting upon another person’s advice.

At the same time, if indications are not very healthy and it turns out that there are things that are problematic, then discuss and highlight the matters that are worth a discussion. After all, it is unfair for your partner if you take a blind plunge into the oblivion.