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9 Relationship Rules You May Be Ignoring

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#5: Show Respect

Some people make a huge mistake of getting a bit too compliant towards their other half. A note worthy fact is that by doing this, they are not doing themselves or the other person any favor.

They, in fact, are simply putting their relationship in jeopardy. It is alright to let the other half know one’s significance occasionally. Realizing how pushy or encouraging the other person might be, one can always choose to show sharing of authority and obedience from time to time respectively.

There are millions of couples who tend to think that they can win over the other person by doing things they want.

Sometimes, it becomes icky and before they know it, they realize that they have become a door mat. This does not give a good signal to the other person as this imbalances the status and authority bar against them.

Suspicion is likely to arise in the mind of the other half who might think of the overly down-to-earth individual as a weak personality. In addition to all the soft core aspects like compassion and affection towards each other, it is also important for people to show that they value self respect over all else.