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9 Relationship Rules You May Be Ignoring

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#2: Do Compromise

Now, this is something that is substantially difficult to do. One thing to discuss here is that some relationships are just not meant to last, which means that short term relationships with people who are just adorable or downright sexy might not be your cup of tea. Yes, it is a harsh thing to say but it is true.

Those relationships that are made on the grounds of true love and trust might involve a lot of compromises and you might need to adjust with your partner’s lifestyle. However, these relationships are the ones that count.

For example, a guy who wants an independent, well-settled woman can’t expect her to abandon her office just to take care of his house or kids and vice versa.

Sustainable relationship rules include that for every good trait that a person sees in the other half, it is offset by a rather undesirable one that just sticks with them as a side effect.