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9 Relationship Rules You May Be Ignoring

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#1: Be Honest and Crystal Clear

Here is something that just isn’t as common as it ought to be. People hide their past in fear that other people are going to hate them for it.

The thing that must be noted here is that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. So, regardless of how bad the past might be, never hesitate about sharing it with people that are trust-worthy enough to spend your entire life with.

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In most cases, people lie about their previous relationships. Although things like these barely surface and remain hidden forever, they can bring a very sour taste in the other half’s mouth if it’s ever discovered. Certainly, people who do not wish to date a person who has had too many affairs before should know the truth.

Relationship rules say that no one deserves to be dodged or tricked into believing something that’s not true.