7 Chakras

Unlock the Power Hidden in Each of The 7 Chakras

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Years ago, I travelled to India on a vacation and discovered Chakra meditation, a method that focused on the 7 Chakras of our body.

While I visited India, I travelled to South India, mainly to hit the famous beaches in a quaint place known as Kerala, but when I realized that it was a mystic destination that had many Yoga and Ayurvedic healing centers, I was intrigued to say the least.

As a woman who was used to packing bags and travelling to unknown countries on a whim, I had travelled to many places and had experienced a lot of things, but I had always been curious about how Chakra meditation worked.7 Chakras 9 7 chakras Unlock the Power Hidden in Each of The 7 Chakras 7 Chakras 9

I had, in fact, read books about it but had never had the chance pursue it, so when I saw an ashram (a monastery or a spiritual Centre) I decided to spend my time learning more about Chakra meditation.

I had a lot of experience with Yoga, so I knew that I wouldn’t have any problems with any physical activities.

I met the Guru of the ashram after a couple of days and expressed my desire to discover the power of spiritual healing, and to my delight, he agreed to teach me.

I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to take up an entire course since I had to return back home after a short while, but I was prepared to learn whatever little I could.

Before I begin with the details of Chakra meditation, it’s important to understand what it really means, so I’ll explain the 7 Chakras in detail here